The $300 Lunch

It’s a Lunch. With a Side of Big Ideas.

Here’s the deal. We meet for lunch. You bring a marketing, strategy, branding, digital or design problem to the table. We chew on it and give you ideas on how to solve it. Right then, right there. Maybe you’re a client looking for some quick help or a second opinion. Maybe you’re an advertising or marketing consultant looking for the same thing. It’s a quick, uncomplicated, no-strings-attached way to get some good ideas. Great ones, actually. And it’s completely confidential. You get the ideas. We get the $300.

Make Your Reservation

“But,” you ask, “is a $300 lunch like this really worth it?”

Our clients think so:


“What sets Fechtor apart is that they truly “get” our company, our brand, our people. So, our relationship operates on a very high level. We present challenging objectives and they bring their unique approach to brand expression that is dead-on who we are and how we want to connect with our customer.”

Tom Krouse
President & CEO
Donatos Pizza


“Anyone working in a creative field knows what it’s like to be stuck. An idea is right at the tip of your tongue, yet it’s miles away. My job is easier when I call Fechtor, because they have the uncanny ability to do what I couldn’t.  Get unstuck.  This sometimes happens on a 10-minute phone call. In this field, everyone needs unstuck support.”

Rob Phillips
Senior Manager – Business Development & Marketing


“My $300 lunch was great.  I had the Caesar salad.  They had the ideas.”

Robert G. Palmer
Attorney & Mediator
Robert Gray Palmer Co., LPA


“No matter what business you’re in, it’s all about your relationships with your customers and clients. Your brand should reflect that intimacy. That will only happen if your strategy is guarded by brand ambassadors like the team at Fechtor. Their boundless creativity is only surpassed by an endless interest in their clients.”

Jamie Menges, CFP®, CPA
PDS Planning, Inc

Branding & Marketing Consulting. Whatever that means.

Sometimes, people say “marketing,” but what they really mean is advertising.  Sometimes, people say “branding,” but what they really mean is a new logo. At Fechtor, we’re good at listening to what you say, then helping you sort out what you think you need from what you really need, from what you really, really, really ought to try.  It’s a gift.  So, if you’re saying “tactics,” but what you really mean is strategy, give us a call.