Atlas Butler is well-known in the Columbus, Ohio market for their high-quality heating and cooling services. A BIG source of that recognition is a decades-old earworm of a jingle touting their 1-800-FURNACE phone number. Our challenge was to refresh the brand and disrupt the category a little, while educating the market about the fact that Atlas Butler is no longer just an HVAC company - they also offer superb plumbing services.

Now, back to that jingle. It has equity. People know it. Some people think it’s pretty annoying. Well, we decided to own it and have a little fun with it. Okay, a lot of fun with it. While also poking some fun at the fact that you do indeed call the 1-800-FURNACE phone number, even for plumbing problems. Hats off to our amazing friends at Atlas Butler for having the courage to tell their story in such a fun, self-deprecating, entertaining way.