Installed Building Products (IBP) is an installation company with over 10,000 employees at more than 220 locations throughout the United States. They install all kinds of building products - insulation, gutters, garage doors, shower doors, shelving, fireplaces, and more - in all kinds of weather and under all kinds of conditions. It's hard work.

Like many companies, IBP was finding it difficult to attract employees while the economy was thriving and the unemployment rate was low. And when they did attract people, the turnover was high because the new, and often younger, employees weren't used to the difficult work of installation and construction. 

At Fechtor, we designed a campaign that addressed the problem by literally pre-screening the target audience for hard-working people. The campaign, "Not afraid of hard work," speaks directly to those who aren't afraid to roll up their sleeves and get the job done.

2018 IBP Annual Report