A lot of advertising and marketing agencies make claim to their own, proprietary strategic process. There’s Brand DNA, Brand Lens, Brand Adoption Model, Emotional Hard-Sell, The Whole Egg, just to name a few. We’ve not only heard of many of them, but at various points in our careers, we’ve actually led the development of some of them. At Fechtor, we have our own strategic process, too. We call it, “common sense.” Because we believe that once you get past the clever names and window dressing, all good strategic approaches have the same basic steps in common:

  • Determine the client’s goals and measurements for success
  • Understand the audience you’re trying to reach
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the business category and competitive environment
  • Develop ideas and strategies
  • Obtain client feedback
  • Implement
  • Evaluate
  • Refine, based on results

We also believe that the development of strategy is actually a creative pursuit. Yes, it takes research. And yes, it takes knowledge. But it also takes a special insight, a moment of inspiration, and a defining of both the rational and emotional benefits that will really connect with your customer. That’s what makes a strategy that’s not only differentiating, but motivating, as well.


We can sum up all of our services in one word: Advertising. At Fechtor, we believe that everything is advertising, and advertising is everything. And if there’s something that is not advertising, then it exists to support it. Strategy, for instance, is not advertising – but it exists to support it. Digital is not advertising, but it plays an important role. And there’s branding and design and media and research – and they all exist in the name of (you guessed it)…advertising. But nobody just wants advertising. They want great advertising. And that’s where things get tricky.

There’s not an ad agency in the world that will tell you they do mediocre advertising. Everyone claims that the work they do is “great.” So, what is great advertising? Here’s how we define it:

  • Great advertising starts with a great strategy.
  • Great advertising clearly and uniquely differentiates you from everyone else.
  • Great advertising builds an enduring identity for your product or company, and an enduring relationship with your audiences.
  • Great advertising is single-minded.
  • Great advertising rewards you for interacting with it.
  • Great advertising takes intelligent risks.
  • Great advertising makes you think, feel or act differently than you did before.
  • Great advertising is worth more than other advertising. Because it works.


“Branding” can be a confusing word. At Fechtor, here’s how we define it. Branding is not the logo, and it’s not the font, and it’s not the color palette and it’s not the logo mark you’ve created to represent yourself. Branding is the sum total of your thoughts, feelings and experiences with a product, service or organization. So what are all those other things? At Fechtor, we think of them as “brand signals,” because they’re shortcuts to all those thoughts and feelings we want people to have.

Branding is so important, we give it its own strategy. A strategy that defines its purpose, its values, its positioning, its personality and its promise. At Fechtor, we’ve created brands from scratch, evolved existing brands, and brought old, tired brands back to life. We’re good at it.



Digital experts are digital experts. Sometimes, they’re also marketing and advertising experts, or branding experts, or design experts or conceptual experts, too. But often, they’re not. At Fechtor, we think it’s important to let strategy and concept take the lead — and then let the digital experts do what they do best. That way, everything you do reinforces your brand and connects with your audience in the most relevant ways. And it works.


Whether it’s digital, or print, or outdoor, or indoor, or big, or small, or flat or dimensional, we love great design. We love it even more when it’s done in the name of advertising. Because that’s when it connects with people in a way that motivates them to act. Great design for the sake of great design is art. Great design for the sake of great advertising gets results.


A great creative concept built on a great strategy is everything. EV-er-y-thing. That is all.

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