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Donatos Pizza
Donatos Pizza

Providing a full menu of services and close collaboration during our decade-long pizza party.

Over our decade-long relationship with the great folks at Donatos, we’ve created everything from branding campaigns and promotional TV spots to social media campaigns and videos featuring Bigfoot. Yes, THE Bigfoot.

Fechtor Advertising has assisted in employee recruitment and franchise partner support efforts, new product launches, product naming, website content, and we’ve helped implement an approach to shooting pizzas that rivals the look and appetite of any national pizza player.

We treasure our long-term relationship with our wonderful friends at Donatos and look forward to lots more great work. And great pizza.


Deciding to take on a franchise business is an emotional decision. Donatos needed a video for 1-on-1 meetings with prospective franchise partners that would strike the right emotional chords, while conveying the Donatos story. A story that is as much about people as it is about pizza.

TV for your tastebuds.

Over the years, Fechtor has created and produced LOTS of TV with our partners at Donatos. From creative brief to storyboard to shoot to edit, we've helped launch new pizzas and new ways of shooting pizza to ensure it looks as amazing as it tastes.


From the launch of plant-based sausage to the launch of new Donatos locations, Fechtor has created social and digital assets to help support the brand across all sorts of initiatives.

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