Franklinton Cycle Works

Franklinton Cycle Works (FCW) is a nonprofit community bike shop. It's different from a regular bike shop because it's a co-op, where bike repair is a cooperative effort and an opportunity to learn and grow. It's not about making money. It's about making a difference. FCW strives to educate the people of Franklinton about the personal, social, and environmental benefits of biking and get them where they need to go. To their jobs. To school. To the grocery store. To a better place in life. Our campaign told the story of how FCW is building more than bikes.

At free bike repair classes, you can learn to fix bikes - and then work in the shop to earn credits toward the purchase of a "new" rebuilt bike of your own.
How do you reach bike riders who are potential donors in an impactful way? We did it by putting a different spin on media placement, using a clothes pin and a card to make a little noise! The message encouraged people to think about donating their bikes to Franklinton Cycle Works. Check out the video.
Franklinton Cycle Works 2 wheels