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Franklinton Cycle Works

Creating brand awareness with a community bike shop that builds a lot more than bikes.

Franklinton Cycle Works (FCW) is a nonprofit community bike shop. It's different from a regular bike shop because it's a co-op, where bike repair is a cooperative effort and an opportunity to learn and grow. It's not about making money. It's about making a difference.

FCW strives to educate the people of Franklinton about the personal, social, and environmental benefits of biking and get them where they need to go. To their jobs. To school. To the grocery store. To a better place in life. Fechtor Advertising developed an integrated campaign that told the story of how FCW is building more than bikes.


A campaign about building more than bikes.

Fechtor worked with FCW to develop a multi-channel campaign that focuses on the idea that bikes, and bike camaraderie, can change lives by providing independence as well as mental and emotional support. We told the story featuring real people along with inspirational copy and graphics.


“Fechtor took the time to get to know our organization, and it shows in the marketing materials they produced. They helped us create a branding strategy which not only informed the production of our marketing materials, but also better helped us understand who we are and how to tell our story. The work they produced really captured the spirit of FCW. I highly recommend Fechtor Advertising!”

—Jonathan Youngman, Executive Director
Franklinton Cycle Works

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