We Take Everything Personally. Especially Our Clients.

We are tremendously proud of the relationships we have with our clients and the difference we make in their businesses and their lives. Our client relationships are long ones, measured not in month-long projects, but in years. The reason is simple. We choose our clients well.

Sometimes, when our clients aren’t saying things like, “How much will it cost?” and “How soon can we have it?” they say nice things about us.

“What sets Fechtor apart is that they truly ‘get’ our company, our brand, our people. So, our relationship operates on a very high level. We present challenging objectives and they bring their unique approach to brand expression that is dead-on who we are and how we want to connect with our customer.”

Tom Krouse, CEO
Donatos Pizza

“Creatives' ‘job’ is to cause an emotion to take action. An agency’s ‘job’ is to make sure the idea behind the creative is authentic. I’ve been privileged to work with many agencies and have found none better than Fechtor in getting to heart and soul on that matter!”

Kevin Myers, Chief Marketing & Information Officer
Donatos Pizza

“The creative brilliance of Fechtor is unmatched. Rooted in strategy, the Fechtor team helped us find our ‘why’ and connect with our customers in a deeply personable and memorable way.”

Carolyn Cullers Butler, Executive Director of Brand Marketing
Donatos Pizza

Fechtor was a great partner in developing a new logo, tagline, and brand image for CAPA. I’m thrilled with the results, and feel our new branding has truly captured the spirit of CAPA.

Chad Whittington, President and CEO

The Fechtor team took the time to listen and learn from many people to find the one true voice of our complicated company. They are able to drill down to the essence of who we are and help us define it.  With this unified voice we are able to help stake that claim of who we are within our community.  We are grateful.

Barbara Markus, Director of Development

“The Fechtor team really dove in to understand our brand and uncover the nuances that make us unique. Their creative process led to fresh and entertaining concepts to promote our product offerings, and have resulted in top-notch television spots.”

Allyson Tate, Marketing Communications
KEMBA Financial Credit Union

“Over and over, we hear that there is a buzz throughout the community, and it is positive, energized, and exciting. Our enrollment is up at least 20 percent in less than one year! And now, thanks to the branding work, we are a small local school with a national reputation.”

Dr. Tali Zelcowicz, Head of School
Columbus Jewish Day School

“You got us, and you worked with us, and you supported us, and you tolerated us, and you listened to us, and you studied us, and you captured us. And you’re all just such wonderful people. And I feel inspired. And supported. Like we all just had a baby. And it’s a really beautiful one... And it’s filled with a million possibilities. Thank you. Thank you for mentoring us, and for helping us celebrate the endless possibilities - and true joy of creation. The act of creation never really ends. You nailed it.”

Jenny Glick, Director of Admissions and Marketing
Columbus Jewish Day School

"Working with the talent at Fechtor is a lot like reading a good book that pulls you in from the first page.  They quickly assessed the scope of our project and applied their considerable talent and creativity, resulting in an end product that we are both excited about and proud to use.”

Alan Fermier, VP of HR and Risk
IBP - Installed Building Products

“Fechtor’s inclusive and collaborative strategic process resulted in a brand and creative strategy, and subsequent brand campaign, that truly captured the essence of and passion behind what we do and why we do it.

We hired Fechtor because their own brand reflected our core values. They just 'get it.' Smart, engaging, thoughtful, and spot on work. I look forward to partnering with them again and would be happy to provide a recommendation to anyone considering hiring them.”

Mary A. Spittler, Director, Marketing & Business Development
OSU Veterinary Medical College

"The team at Fechtor Advertising has an unequaled ability to transform mundane topics into intriguing ones, distill complex matters into something crystal clear, and turn forgettable subjects into unforgettable advertising." 

Rob Phillips, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer

"What began with a single creative project more than a decade ago has grown into Fechtor being a critical extension of our team and a key part of maintaining and growing the firm’s brand. From leading our rebranding to continuing to evolve that brand, the Fechtor team always brings top-notch strategy, on-point messaging, and visuals that truly resonate with our clients and prospective clients."

Ryan Daniels, Former Assistant Director of Business Development & Client Relations

"I worked with Fechtor Advertising on a project in its infancy. I wasn't sure how to reach the clients I wanted to serve. Fechtor showed a genuine interest in my project and helped me find the best way to connect with my clients. Fechtor's hard work resulted in a powerful marketing brochure that really touched me and the audience I was trying to reach. I remember feeling goosebumps when I saw the first draft!" 

Kristin Hildebrant, Senior Attorney
Disability Rights Ohio

“Working with Fechtor has been not only an extremely valuable experience, but also an extremely enjoyable one. We felt they were truly invested in our mission, and that relationship manifested beautifully into a new start and brand for Disability Rights Ohio. Our redesigned website still receives compliments about its look and usability, and their work translated perfectly when we recently moved into our new, modern office space.”

Lisa Wurm, Director of Policy and Advancement
Disability Rights Ohio

"The City of Dublin hired Fechtor Advertising in 2016 to help us refine and refresh our brand image. We continued to work with them to expand our marketing efforts toward economic development featuring Dublin as a great place to start, grow, and locate a business. Those efforts shifted in 2017/2018 when the marketing focus was redirected to workforce development. Through extensive research and focus groups, Fechtor created a bold and spirited creative campaign called "Dublin Realty Check.” Using video and digital media assets, the Dublin Realty Check campaign is performing above industry benchmarks with a 12% KPI – driving young tech professionals to Dublin and Columbus Region tech jobs listed on DublinRealityCheck.com. Asking people to consider relocating to a place where they can “make more, do more and be more” is no easy task. These KPIs are a direct result of great creative and good marketing strategy."

Sue Burness, Director of Communications & Public Information
City of Dublin

"Quirky, creative masterminds. The initial campaign Fechtor created for us perfectly embodied our persona. Then, the complete overhaul on our website brought our brand and aesthetic to life. Each member of the team brings vastly different expertise and the end result is cohesive and comprehensive to the brand."

Kevin Laudick, Partner/Owner
Leo Alfred Jewelers

“I am simply in awe of the final product, and am excited to share it with the community! We have a wonderful culture in our organization, and I believe that Fechtor Advertising captured it perfectly in the designs they created!”

Benjamin Sears, Board Member
Franklinton Cycle Works

“Fechtor took the time to get to know our organization, and it shows in the marketing materials they produced. They helped us create a branding strategy which not only informed the production of our marketing materials, but also better helped us understand who we are and how to tell our story. The work they produced really captured the spirit of FCW. I highly recommend Fechtor Advertising!”

Jonathan Youngman, Executive Director
Franklinton Cycle Works

“As a retired executive for a Fortune 200 company for 35 years, I worked with numerous professional agencies on both the brand and product side. Many of these agencies were not nearly as creative and responsive as Fechtor. Fechtor drills down and fully understands the needs and trends of their customers before developing a comprehensive strategy. I would highly recommend them!”

Kurt Wacker, Board Member
Franklinton Cycle Works

“Fechtor Advertising took our website to a new level by integrating images with a compelling narrative, altering the navigation of the site to be more intuitive, thus offering an immediate and intimate audience connection. The Fechtor team was very insightful, pulling together the core connection points, involving all constituents in the process and creating a sustainable brand.”

Catherine Vogel, Board Member
Franklinton Cycle Works

"Steve Fechtor and his team have the uncanny ability to capture their clients’ thoughts long before those thoughts are fully formed! They are the absolute best."

Jeffrey Grossman, Founder
Grossman Law Offices

The branding process that Stephen and his amazing team led us through for Jewish Family Services uncovered our agency’s inner self.  Fechtor helped us shape our voice in a way that not only captures our rich history but also gives us an edgy message which differentiates us in a very crowded marketplace.

June Gutterman, CEO
Jewish Family Services