Disability Rights Ohio

In October of 2012, when Ohio Legal Rights Service restructured, and transitioned from being a state agency to becoming an independent, non-profit corporation, they needed something they had never had before. They needed a brand.

The business objective was to introduce and establish Disability Rights Ohio, the new entity, as the most effective agent of change for people with disabilities in Ohio. The advertising objective was to build a strong, distinctive brand that would differentiate Disability Rights Ohio from everyone else who serves the same population.

To deliver on this, Fechtor developed a brand strategy with a strong, simple positioning: Pragmatic Idealism. "We are idealists who envision a world where people with disabilities can live independently and with dignity – free from abuse, neglect, exploitation and discrimination. We are pragmatists who advocate for the human, civil and legal rights of people with disabilities."

And we developed an integrated campaign, with a tag line that put a stake in the ground, and let the world know that Disability Rights Ohio was here to make a difference. "We have the legal right of way."

Today, the brand continues to make a difference in the success of the organization and the lives of people with disabilities.